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3 Essential Oils to Combat Mosquito Bites

3 Essential Oils to Combat Mosquito Biteslavender (1)

We're getting ready here in my neck of the woods for mosquito season and it promises to be pretty rough.  What brought this to mind was an allergy reaction I had this week.

I broke out in hives and honestly, I have no idea why.  So, while I haven't figured out what caused this breakout, I knew immediately which oils to use to eliminate the itch.

So, here's what I did.

One day I used lavender, the next day melrose and then on the third day I used peppermint.  I have to say that all 3 essential oils eliminated the itching immediately.  The effect lasted for several hours so I applied the oils in the morning and again before bedtime.  The hives are slowly going away – woo hoo!!!

When mosquito season finally rolls around, I'll be prepared with a good supply of the above.

Oh – one more thing – you can "layer" the above oils as well.  Simply apply all three!

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