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Disorganized, Cranky and Unfocused

22997428_sDisorganized, cranky and unfocused

I was asked a question recently and before I gave the answer, my conversation took a little trip of it own into six or seven different areas, none of which answered the original question! After those detours, I finally provided the answer.

Unfocused?  Nah.

My mind simply travels in several directions at once. Pretty normal…for me.  That's why I love using sticky notes and a To-Do list to keep me on track and on task.

Disorganized?  A little…well, maybe a lot!  I'm a heavy duty reader and love to write so I have lots and lots of books and I do indeed hoard them.  Love 'em!  But sometimes I run out of room and need to share them.  So, off they go to a local thrift store.  Clutter, especially in the form of books, is a real struggle for me.  My home will never look like a museum and that's ok with me.

Now, let's get to the "cranky" part.

Yeah, sometimes I'm irritable but more often I watch what I say.  Cranky isn't a big part of who I am but it will definitely rear its ugly head once in awhile.

The beautiful part of all of this is God loves us inspite of our imperfections.  He created us and knew us before we were in the womb.  He set us apart.

Comparing or measuring ourselves based on what someone else thinks rather than what God knows and sees makes it seem like we're on a hamster wheel.  The comparisons are endless and it's a total deadend.

It's time to accept who you are – wonderful and beautiful.

He sure does.


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