Testimonials for Legal Break-In Book

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My book “Legal Break-In” was initially offered as an e-book.  It is now in paperback form and available through Amazon.com.  Kindle format available here as well! Here are some very kind testimonials:

Testimonial #1

Hi Leslie, My name is Carolina O. and I found about you on youtube. I wanted to thank you for the e-book and all the tools that you are giving us, this is fantastic!!!!. I work as a paralegal for a law firm in Virginia and I have never found so much help in this field like I did with you and I have been working as a paralegal for the last 5 years. I’m looking for a new Law firm and your book is your wonderful!!! very very helpful! Is making me realize many things, and I helping me get in the right path… and I pray that it will help me to find the right job :)Your book, your knowledge, your advises are way better that going to one of the AILA’s conference, thank you! I wish I could say something more that just “Thank you”. God bless your unselfish heart and your life may continually be fill with his love.                 Sincerely, Carolina O.

Testimonial #2

Hello, First of all, THANK YOU for your e-book! I’m 27 and I’ve been in and out of school since I was 18, so I’m obviously looking for something that is going to benefit me in the long run. Your e-book is delicious, I read it all in one sitting. I will continue to refer to it, you give so much helpful information. Again, thank you for taking the time out to write, you’ve helped out more than you know! Kathy

Testimonial #3

Your e-book was incredible. You put so much information in one book. I have been spending so much time researching each topic. Thank you.  Brenda M.

Testimonial #4

Leslie, I look forward to reading this. As you know, I hold you in high esteem!   Catherine M.

Testimonial #5

Thanks for the tips!!!   Sue M.

Testimonial #6

Thanks for your help, you are such a talented wonderful person. I will refer your book to all the paralegals I know! Take care.    Shari H.

Testimonial #7

I am so grateful that someone was so kind to help guide the rest of us, who are still learning or want to. Thank You !    Gloria M.

Testimonial #8

The e-book is terrific.    Jean W.

Testimonial #9

Great E-book!!!   Candace G.

Testimonial #10

Thank you for your “Legal Break-In” May you be rewarded and blessed many times over. With kindest regards, Mike

About Leslie Williams

Leslie Sansone Williams is a #1 International Best Selling Author, paralegal educator, graphic designer, course creator and product developer. She writes and consults on the paralegal career, publishing, social media, video & marketing in general. Leslie has 27+ years experience in the paralegal and marketing careers. She has worked in the following areas of law: condemnation litigation, probate, estate planning, personal injury (catastrophic and medical malpractice), administrative law, franchise law, professional regulation, zoning, automobile dealership franchise law and business litigation. Leslie is the author of "Legal Break-In: How to Get That Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant or Paralegal Jobs!" (Amazon) and the creator of the very informative and career changing "Paralegal Inner Circle Class". Get on the Wait List today - link is above!