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Lost and Found Dreams

Lost and Found Dreams

Follow your dream
Follow your dream

As you move toward the career or business of your dreams, you find out quickly that the pathway has some twist and turns you never expected.

Sometimes, there are very nice surprises, too!

Your journey experience may teach you, however, that where you began is not where you end up.  The purpose of your journey is not just the end game; it’s what you learn along the way about yourself.r

For instance, as you begin to promote yourself online by writing blog posts you discover that you adore writing.

What do you do with that information?

Do you look at writing as a career?

How strongly are you drawn to that profession?

All good questions to ask yourself.

Or, you have a specific career in mind.  You land your first job and discover you would prefer to work in different area altogether.

It’s important to step out into your journey.

Let it begin and then see where the road leads you.

Be open to change.


Tough Talk

Tough TalkTough Talk

As you begin a new journey, whether it be building a business, following a long time dream or you’re beginning a weight loss program, how you think and what you speak will determine what the outcome is in the long run.

What do you tell yourself? Do you speak as if your dreams will never amount to anything or do you tell yourself that you CAN do this?

Who do you listen to? Do you listen to advice from those who have refused to follow their own dreams? Or, do you follow and connect with those who have successfully achieved their end goal?

How do you get off this merry go round of negativity?

Can you go from thinking of yourself as a complete failure to believing that there are qualities within you that with hard work will lead you down the path to your God-given destiny?

Yes, you can!

It takes something very simple. A change of ATTITUDE.

How hard will you work?

Have you written out your goals?

Procrastination will absolutely kill the creative spirit, so it is time to move!


Do it now.Tough Talk


Put Off or Take Off?

Put off or take-off?Do It Now

There are so many reasons we decide not to go after our dreams, right?  Here were some of mine:

1.  Worried about what my family and friends might think.

2.  Not sure what it is I want to do.

3.  Fear of the unknown.

4.  What if it doesn’t work out?

5.  Fearful of learning something new.

6.  Feeling overwhelmed.

Oh, and there are so many more!

How about you?

What is it that you tell yourself that keeps you from moving forward?

Let’s take apart the excuses listed above…

1. Worried about what my family and friends might think. Before you reveal your hopes and dreams to your friends and family, it’s important to first investigate the career or business opportunity you’re looking into. Learn all you can.  Seek out opinions of people who are already doing what you’d like to do. Then, if you’re ready to go forward with your plan, only reveal it to a friend or family member who will totally lift you up and support you.

2.  Not sure what I want to do.  It’s time to place the search words in Google to begin your investigation. Look at several different careers that you might have an interest in. My list would probably have 20 – how many would yours have? Then find out what the duties are in each career. Do you see yourself working in any of them day to day?

3.  Fear of the unknown.  It can be scary to move into a new career or business that you’re completely unfamiliar with. But it can also be a time filled with adventure and excitement. This is when negativity from our past can try to stop us in our tracks. Don’t allow this to happen to you – push through it and you will rise to the top as the winner!

4.  What if it doesn’t work out.  When you begin your journey, it’s important to remain positive. Everything you learn along the way is valuable and will help you as you move forward. The idea you have now of where you might end up might not be your end game. Be open to learning and growing and discovering more about yourself.

5.  A feeling of overwhelm.  As you move into God’s purpose for your life, the steps necessary to get there may feel overwhelming. But no one said you had to accomplish everything overnight. Write out your goals and then write out the steps to accomplish each one. Keep a record of everything in a notebook or on your computer.

Now, get up and GO!



You are Fearless! Go!

You are Fearless! Go!Fly-thru-Fear-2.JPG

Trying is more than being good enough. It’s giving your absolutely best.

Yes, yes…you could wait until your so-called ducks are in a row but I have to tell you – sometimes you just have to jump!

What skills do you need in order to make your dream job or business a reality?

Make a list and then one by one work yourself closer to a master achiever.  It’s as simple as planning your work and working your plan. There’s a saying that goes, “Time waits for no one” and that’s true.  Think about where you want to be exactly 30 days from now. Be very realistic.

Write out your list of goals for the next 30 days.

Pick one goal and begin working toward it.


Let go of the fear and fly!

Barbara Corcoran was Originally Rejected from Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran was originally rejected from Shark Tank.

When Plans Unexpectedly Change
When Plans Unexpectedly Change

Seriously?  She’s a total dynamo!

But, it’s true.  She was offered the job and 4 days before she was to fly out to Hollywood, producer Mark Burnett changed his mind.

Barbara felt totally rejected for a bit and then something else kicked in.

She decided to fight back!

And she was given the position of one of the top sharks in the tank.

You see, no one is immune from rejection. Emotionally, we place all of eggs in one basket and when it doesn’t “go”, we’re devastated.  But what if what we’re determined to achieve is not really good for us? What if it’s not in God’s plan?

Then, yes, it’s time to let it go and wait expectantly.

Sometimes, though, we know as we know that we’re on the right path as Barbara Corcoran did and we have to give it our all.

Read Barbara’s full story here…

Prepare for Failure !

Prepare for Failure !

Say Goodbye to Failure !
Say Goodbye to Failure !

Wait!  What???  Excuse Me?

Do you tend to hide behind walls either or your own or someone else’s making?

It may feel safe fo awhile but living this way is unfullfilling and very disappointing.

Instead, you need to prepare to launch!

Did you know that God had a plan for your life long before you were born?

He did. And He absolutely adores you.  He said so in His Word.

So what will you do with the knowledge that God, indeed, has your best interests in mind?

What will you do with the understanding that He will be with you every step of the way?

When you fall down, He’ll be there.

But you have to get up and begin walking into all that He has for you.  His plan and purpose for your life are a definite.  And there are people waiting to hear what you have to give and say to them.

So, now what’s next?

It’s time to empty out all of your God-given gifts. The supply is unending.

He is the Constant


He is the Constant.

constant, faithfulness, love, everlasting


He is faithful.

He stays put.

He never leaves you.

He wraps you up in His loving arms.

He stands by when everything around you is crashing down.

He adores you.

Yes you!

He is the Constant.

The Everlasting.

He rules and reigns.

There are no others before Him.

He gives you hope.

He never, ever gives up on you.

Nothing is impossible with Him.

He is your Constant.


Paralegal Schools Dropped the Ball

Paralegal Schools Dropped the Ball

Paralegal Schools – Did They Drop the Ball or Did You?

Every single day I read how discouraged paralegal students and new graduates are. They arrive in the LinkedIn, Facebook or Yahoo paralegal groups to say how frustrated they are because of the current job situation.

The sad thing about their frustration is that they think they can’t land a paralegal job because of the economy. Yes, I know jobs are more scarce these days, however, the fact that a paralegal graduate cannot land a job in the field is not based on the number of jobs available.

Or…that new attorney grads are scooping up the paralegal jobs.

It’s based on this:

You don’t enter the legal field (in most cases) in a paralegal position.

Why not?

As a paralegal job applicant, you know the dreaded 4 words already, right?

“You don’t have experience!”

And your response is usually:

“But HOW do I get experience?”

The truth is, you wouldn’t be able to land a paralegal job even if the economy was booming.

So, who dropped the ball here?

Did the paralegal school drop the ball?

Or…did you?

Did your school offer job placement or internships so that you could get a foothold?

They should have.

Did you do your homework to find out how you were going to find employment after you finished your coursework?

You should have.

The truth is, you can enter this field.

However, you do not enter as a paralegal.


You enter as a runner, file clerk, receptionist or entry level secretary.

The truth is, the schools should offer job placement. They should have connections with law firms who will allow the students a chance to learn.

However…you would still enter the firm in a different position first.

If you attended a paralegal school/course who did offer job placement, I would love to hear from you.

And, if you’re thinking about signing up for paralegal school/courses, it’s important to do your homework first before you spend your hard-earned money or add debt through a student loan.