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Leslie Sansone Williams is an experienced online entrepreneur, former CEO of two brick & mortar businesses and the author of Legal Break-In and Cover Letter Secrets. She is a Digital Media Producer specializing in video courses, e-courses, e-books and podcasts covering topics related to online business success, publishing and the paralegal career.

Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils: Knocks Out Sinus, Ear and Chest Congestion

Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils: Knocks Out Sinus, Ear and Chest Congestion

Like many people, I catch one of two colds per year and mine always seem to begin in the sinus area.

Even after a regimen of antibiotics, Vitamin C, etc., the end result is that my cold and infection have gone, however, I always have a fluid build up in one ear that isn't necessarily painful, but it diminishes my hearing a bit and is just slightly uncomfortable.

In my quest to learn more about natural remedies for ailments like this one, I tried a couple of recommended essential oils from a company that's been around for awhile. The oils were peppermint and lavender. I used both on the affected ear (not "in" the ear itself) and utilized the ear technique shown in the videos below.

In my video, I demonstrate the Ear Technique using the 2 oils mentioned (Lavender and Peppermint).

In Dr. Mary Starr Carter's video, she demonstrates the Ear Technique on a family member, so be sure to check out that video as well.

Menthol is the primary ingredient in Peppermint Essential Oil and is believed to be effective at reducing congestion in the sinuses and the chest.  It also thins out mucous and assists in expelling it as well.

Lavender Essential Oil is believed to have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. When used along with Peppermint Essential Oil, you have a powerful team!  Lavender reduces the inflammation which allows removal of the mucous.

Ok, here's my video showing how to apply both Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils:



Now…take a look at the video by Dr. Mary Starr Carter:

Click Here!


Disclaimer:  Statements provided by Leslie Sansone Williams or are for informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician before using essential oils.



Shark Tank – Dive Into the Deep End

9948408_sShark Tank – Dive Into the Deep End

Whether you dream of running a business or perhaps volunteer for ministry, there's a choice to be made.

Commitment is one.

After you study and learn all you can learn, there's another decision.

You may choose to "skim the surface" and hang out in the shallow end, or you can trust God and dive into the deep water.

Will there be sharks?

You betcha. But instead of being the dorsal fin and sharp teeth variety, the shark I'm talking about will come in the form of self-doubt, fear, criticism from others, mistakes, jealousy and oh, so much more.

Your Savior had your back on the cross, so why wouldn't He have it now?  What He expects from you, though, is to be His ambassador.  You are to do what He would do.

And He went deep.

He cares so much for us that He gave His life for our sins.  Does that sound shallow to you?

As you move forward in business, ministry or both, plan your move to hang out in the deep end. Use the gifts He gave you and give it your all.

Shallow simply wont't cut it.

Real Prosperity

16550235_sReal Prosperity

I love hearing what everyone thinks prosperity is. A whole book was written concerning a specific prayer you pray to claim prosperity.

But is that what God really meant when He said "You receive not because you ask not"?  Is it true that all you have to do is name it and claim it?

What about the prayer Jesus told us to pray, namely, The Our Father which says "Thy Will be done as it is in Heaven"?

His Will.

Not ours.

When I think about "real" prosperity, here's what I see:

1.  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

2.  All the time my Grandmother spent with me.

3.  The Lord answering my prayer for a man who loves me and actually likes to talk!

4.  A few good friends.

5.  My family

6.  Work I love.

These are some of the things in my life that money cannot buy.

Someone I knew very well bought a lot of jewelry to fill the void in her life. 

It didn't work.

God's given you gifts to share with others. When you do, you'll experience "real" prosperity. Don't hoard your gifts – give them away!

Unburden yourself today from chasing after what never satisfies.



Sow Mercy

25306196_sSow mercy.

When you see the homeless…

Sow mercy.

When your friend has hurt you…

Sow mercy.

When you drive by the local hospice, go in, ask how you can volunteer…

Sow mercy.

When your spouse forgets an important date…

Sow mercy.

When your grandma or grandpa sit alone for hours at a time…stop by to chat…

Sow mercy.

When you've let yourself down…

Sow mercy.

When you look in the mirror…

Sow mercy.

Locked into Hard Places

11150425_sLocked into Hard Places

Who are the label makers in your life?





Best friend?





The sins people have committed against you and the sins you've committed against others…does it all have you in "lock down"?

We remove labels from our clothes that irritate us – we literally cut them out and throw them in the trash.


Yet, we allow worldly labels to have power over us.  We allow them to continue to irritate us and sometimes even cripple us.

The truth is…our God is the real label maker.  When we believe and accept His gift of Jesus as our Savior, He labels us "His", a "child of the King".  This is a royal label instead of a label of condemnation.

Oh, wait…there's one more…"Forgiven and Set Free".

So, when you feel inadequate or someone attempts to bring you down, remember whose you are.

You are royalty.

Someplace to Tell the Truth

24588521_sSomeplace to tell the truth.

Venice, Italy hosts a wonderful event every year, Venezia di Carnivale. Everyone wears a mask and dresses in elaborate costumes.  Identities are very well hidden.

All of us wear masks of one sort or another. Instead of a mask, our disguise could be clothing, make-up, facial expressions, superficial conversation, personality changes, etc.  Another word for "mask" could be "untruth".

Some of us divulge or let go of our truths by talking to others or writing.  There are those who reveal themselves through art whether it be music, dancing, painting, architecture, etc.

However we choose to express who we are reflects our passion, our calling – who we are and who we were designed to be.

Who is it that you allow to see your truth – the real you?  Or…are you currently in hiding?

Make today the beginning of the big reveal.  Take a moment to write down a description of who you really are. Then describe your dreams for the future.

Free up that part of you.

Have others placed their dreams for you on the front burner while yours have been pushed to the back?

Reach out and move them forward again.

It's time to tell the truth of who you really are – who He created you to be.


You Can’t Get Anything Done!

7189862_sYou Can't Get Anything Done!

As a friend and I worked together to pull together a non-profit corporation, there were times we both felt inadequate and so overwhelmed.  Who in the world were we to think we could organize all of this and end up with something that actually works well?

Sometimes we felt as if we were moving backward.

What God reminded me of (again!) was:

1.  He's in control.

2.  He blessed us with the idea and the skills to get this done.

3.  He will provide the right people as needed.



Our refusal to listen to the negative chatter and asking for help through prayer allowed us to move forward on this project. Playing the doubting Thomas role never "cuts it" when you know God is in it.

Now, understand this.  As you move forward in your calling, expect darts. It's a given. However, instead of darts, we have God as our shield and His Word as our sword.

Armed for battle!

Guess who wins?

Ditch the Comparison

9866085_sDitch the comparison.

Let's face it, running with the herd can feel very comfortable.  Breaking out from the herd can bring you to a very interesting crossroads.

When I moved to a new home and neighborhood at age 11, I had to make choices. The pressure was on to conform and blend in but for me it simply wasn't possible. The clothing and shoes I wore were not what the bullies in the herd felt was the "norm".

I chose to be myself.

As adults we can face the same pressure, right? New group, new church, new class, new Bible study, new job…new everything.  And then the pecking order process begins to rear its head. 

Oh…yes…it can be quite ugly.

The competition, the insecurities and yes, the bullying.

Do you feel as if you've disappeared? With encouragement, you can successfully become who God ordained you to be from the beginning. He's got your back.  

Commit to reading God's Word in order to understand what He thinks about you. This will empower you to be all you can be through Him.  Seek out people who feel the same way and who will support you.

I know, it can be extremely lonely along this journey but keep moving forward.  Remember…you are unique and special.  He says so.

Never give up on that.


Trash Talking

7907927_sTrash talking

The negative loop playing in your head might sound something like this:

I'm too stupid.

My body is ugly.

No one likes me.

What good am I to anyone?

I'm not good enough.

I am worthless.

I have no talent.

And on and on…

But…God says…

He has a purpose for you.

He made you and set you apart.

You are His masterpiece.

You are a child of the King.

You have been redeemed.

He loves you.

And on and on and on…


Why do we have such a hard time believing He loves us?

He proved it by sending His very own Son to die for us.  A man laying down His life for us.  It doesn't get any better than that.

So, when you're feeling low, unloved and unworthy, remember that God adores you.

When others despise you, ignore you, leave you….God loves you.

He stays.