InstaGramps Cracks Instagram with his Love of Family and Art

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InstaGramps Cracks Instagram with his Love of Family and Art

InstaGramps Legacy to His Grandchildren
InstaGramps on Instagram

75 year old Chanjae Lee moved to Brazil over 35 years ago from Korea and raised his family there.

His great joy in life, like ours, was being involved in his grandchildren’s lives (taking them to school, etc.). However, sometime ago Chanjae’s grandchildren moved with their parents back to their Korean homeland.

As a grandparent, I understand this dilemma. Following our children can seem a bit pushy and overbearing. However, we uprooted ourselves from northern Florida to follow our daughter and grandson to central Florida. They lit up our world and suddenly, because of job prospects for my daughter, were gone.

It was tough and lonely, honestly.

Once Chanjae’s son and wife (who remained in Brazil) had a baby, Chanjae again was filled with light. His family had encouraged him to get back to drawing but he had no motivation to do so until his new grandchild came along.

His son encouraged him to post his drawings on Instagram and unbelievably, his audience as of this date has grown to 116,000 !

Take a moment to visit @drawings_for_my_grandchildren on Instagram to take a look at the wonderful legacy Chanjae is leaving for his grandchildren.

It’s really never too late to begin again, to use your God-given gifts to lift up and inspire others.

Go for it!