What Kind of Hero are You?

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What kind of hero are you?Hero

When you think about the people in your life who have impacted you the most, who comes to mind?  Is it an elderly aunt or uncle? Or is it your elderly grandmother?

Who spent time with you when life became tough to bear? Does the face of that special someone come to mind immediately?

For me, it was my maternal grandmother. Her kindness was personally known by so many.  Grandma had a ready smile for everyone and genuinely loved people.

She is a true hero to me because she cared enough to spend time with me.  Her love, kindness, courage and faith inspire me still to this day.

Have you had a chance to be a hero to someone in your life?  God has someone specifically picked out for you to share your love, wisdom and knowledge with.  Are you open to God’s direction?

Ask Him to give you this opportunity and He will deliver just the right person to you.

No matter what your age or experience, it’s time to give back, to mentor and to pay it forward.