Prepare for Failure !

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Prepare for Failure !

Say Goodbye to Failure !
Say Goodbye to Failure !

Wait!  What???  Excuse Me?

Do you tend to hide behind walls either or your own or someone else’s making?

It may feel safe fo awhile but living this way is unfullfilling and very disappointing.

Instead, you need to prepare to launch!

Did you know that God had a plan for your life long before you were born?

He did. And He absolutely adores you.  He said so in His Word.

So what will you do with the knowledge that God, indeed, has your best interests in mind?

What will you do with the understanding that He will be with you every step of the way?

When you fall down, He’ll be there.

But you have to get up and begin walking into all that He has for you.  His plan and purpose for your life are a definite.  And there are people waiting to hear what you have to give and say to them.

So, now what’s next?

It’s time to empty out all of your God-given gifts. The supply is unending.