Do You Believe You Deserve a Better Life?

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Body, mind & soul - time to get healthy!
Body, mind & soul – time to get healthy!

Do you believe you deserve a better life?


You know how it is…one event, one negative thing happens in your day and voila! the whole day seems ruined. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have a choice.

What do you feed into your mind everyday? Do you listen to music that brings you to a dark place or do you listen to sounds that lift you?

When someone makes a comment that hurts you, do you tell yourself that they’re probably right or do you remember that you are loved by so many people currently in your life?

How do you take control?

As I recovered from the loss of a loved one, I made a choice to seek out what was good for me, instead of leaning in toward the darker side of life. I had to mindfully make decisions all day long that if I wanted to recover successfully, some things would have to change.

So, my music and reading choices changed as well as who I listened to. I began to read my Bible more and used a devotional to keep me on track.

Do you feel that you’re surrounded by dark clouds that simply won’t lift?  Well, it’s time to fight back.

It’s your decision.



What do you do to keep your body in shape? If you’re like me, it’s been very close to zero. Again, it’s a choice we make. We can begin to physical move by making time for walking, lifting weights or cardio exercise or we can stay on the couch.

I’m on a journey to lose weight and move more. My journey began on January 5th with a plan (not a diet!) to eat cleaner, meaning higher protein, more veggies and far fewer starchy carbs which were my total downfall.  The weight is steadily coming off inspite of having to deal with asthma and the meds I have to take to control it. It’s the first time I’ve been successful with an eating plan.  And guess what? I’m not starving myself! Woot!!!

So whether you have some weight to lose or are already at the weight you need to be, it’s time to eat better.  It’s time to take care of that beautiful body of yours.

What will you change first? Will you make a plan to move a bit or will you analyze your current eating habits and begin to change one thing at a time? Today’s the day to begin.



Where are you with God? He desires to speak with you daily. He loves and yearns to communicate with you. It’s important to take care of the spiritual side of your life. In fact, it’s the most important part of your being.

Simply begin by praying and speaking to the Lord. Next, open your Bible and turn to either Provers, Psalms or the book of John. God’s Word is the Living Word. While you’re reading, allow Him to impress upon you what he desires for you. Spend time with Him everyday.

“Jesus Calling” is a wonderful devotional to use in your everyday time alone with God. It can be ordered online through Family Christian bookstores or Lifeway bookstores.


Remember, you are worth this journey to good health, but good health takes in all of the above. Let’s do this together! You’re so worth it.

About Leslie Williams

Leslie Sansone Williams is a #1 International Best Selling Author, paralegal educator, graphic designer, course creator and product developer. She writes and consults on the paralegal career, publishing, social media, video & marketing in general. Leslie has 27+ years experience in the paralegal and marketing careers. She has worked in the following areas of law: condemnation litigation, probate, estate planning, personal injury (catastrophic and medical malpractice), administrative law, franchise law, professional regulation, zoning, automobile dealership franchise law and business litigation. Leslie is the author of "Legal Break-In: How to Get That Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant or Paralegal Jobs!" (Amazon) and the creator of the very informative and career changing "Paralegal Inner Circle Class". Get on the Wait List today - link is above!

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