Someplace to Tell the Truth

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24588521_sSomeplace to tell the truth.

Venice, Italy hosts a wonderful event every year, Venezia di Carnivale. Everyone wears a mask and dresses in elaborate costumes.  Identities are very well hidden.

All of us wear masks of one sort or another. Instead of a mask, our disguise could be clothing, make-up, facial expressions, superficial conversation, personality changes, etc.  Another word for "mask" could be "untruth".

Some of us divulge or let go of our truths by talking to others or writing.  There are those who reveal themselves through art whether it be music, dancing, painting, architecture, etc.

However we choose to express who we are reflects our passion, our calling – who we are and who we were designed to be.

Who is it that you allow to see your truth – the real you?  Or…are you currently in hiding?

Make today the beginning of the big reveal.  Take a moment to write down a description of who you really are. Then describe your dreams for the future.

Free up that part of you.

Have others placed their dreams for you on the front burner while yours have been pushed to the back?

Reach out and move them forward again.

It's time to tell the truth of who you really are – who He created you to be.