You Can’t Get Anything Done!

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7189862_sYou Can't Get Anything Done!

As a friend and I worked together to pull together a non-profit corporation, there were times we both felt inadequate and so overwhelmed.  Who in the world were we to think we could organize all of this and end up with something that actually works well?

Sometimes we felt as if we were moving backward.

What God reminded me of (again!) was:

1.  He's in control.

2.  He blessed us with the idea and the skills to get this done.

3.  He will provide the right people as needed.



Our refusal to listen to the negative chatter and asking for help through prayer allowed us to move forward on this project. Playing the doubting Thomas role never "cuts it" when you know God is in it.

Now, understand this.  As you move forward in your calling, expect darts. It's a given. However, instead of darts, we have God as our shield and His Word as our sword.

Armed for battle!

Guess who wins?