Ditch the Comparison

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9866085_sDitch the comparison.

Let's face it, running with the herd can feel very comfortable.  Breaking out from the herd can bring you to a very interesting crossroads.

When I moved to a new home and neighborhood at age 11, I had to make choices. The pressure was on to conform and blend in but for me it simply wasn't possible. The clothing and shoes I wore were not what the bullies in the herd felt was the "norm".

I chose to be myself.

As adults we can face the same pressure, right? New group, new church, new class, new Bible study, new job…new everything.  And then the pecking order process begins to rear its head. 

Oh…yes…it can be quite ugly.

The competition, the insecurities and yes, the bullying.

Do you feel as if you've disappeared? With encouragement, you can successfully become who God ordained you to be from the beginning. He's got your back.  

Commit to reading God's Word in order to understand what He thinks about you. This will empower you to be all you can be through Him.  Seek out people who feel the same way and who will support you.

I know, it can be extremely lonely along this journey but keep moving forward.  Remember…you are unique and special.  He says so.

Never give up on that.