Burn Those Ships!

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10552313_sBurn those ships!

"You never finish anything!"

"Maybe you'll lose the weight once you get a little taller."

"He's not your type."

"This is my house, not yours – don't forget it!"

These comments are just a few of the type that family may spew and all of it cuts to the core.  What they don't realize is they're trying to pass their own hurts on to you.  The walls they've built or the inadequacies they feel are shared in the most inappropriate way.

While we do not have the power to "fix" family, friends or co-workers, what we can do is stop listening.  We are very able to refuse to sit still while someone continues to bash or demean us.  It's time to call a halt to all of the madness.

But what do you do when all of those hurtful words or actions play over and over on a continuous loop in your head?  How do you stop all the hurt from smothering your own growth or progress?

How do you "burn those ships"?

First, it's vital that you understand how much God loves you. Read John 3:16 in the New Testament.  Even if you've never picked up a Bible, look up this verse on your smartphone, i-Pad or laptop. Ask God to show you how much He adores you.

Second, begin reading God's Word daily. It's spiritual food that you absolutely need everyday.

Third, turn away from hurtful memories or words and ask God to remove them from you.

No more looking back.

No more running from all God has for you.

He is the One to trust and He has your best interests at heart.