Break Through the Brick Wall of Resistance

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Break through the brick wall of resistance.14415629_s

As odd as it seems, when you finally begin to follow your dreams, make changes and use the gifts God gave you, you will hit resistance or what I like to call the “brick wall”.

This resistance you come up against could be from anyone, really, including you.  The brick walls that have surrounded you for so many years have at times felt safe, yet now they feel like prison walls holding you in.

It’s time to break through.

It’s time to tear down the wall. No, not brick by brick – remove that wall totally.  Remove your negative mindset – refuse to listen to the enemy – rebuke him in Jesus’ name. Shake off the bad attitude and allow the Lord to bring to your mind all that there is to be thankful for.

How do you begin to make these changes?

Well, for starters, who do you hang around with? People who encourage and support you or people who try to tear you or others down?  It’s important that the folks in your immediate circle (family and friends) provide you with encouragement.

Today’s the day to let go of whatever’s holding you back.  Excuses, no more!  Fight through  until you break your personal wall down.  Rebuke all negative voices in your head and in your heart.