Leave Your Broken Yesterdays

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Leave Your Broken Yesterdays24443972_s

When we continuously look backward, our past remains our life’s view.  In order for change to become real, we have to do a complete 180 degree turn.  Mentally, physically and spiritually we have to turn from whatever places a halt to our growth or to our change.

True, change can be scary.

Are there parts of you that are yet to be discovered?

Are there dreams you’ve held in your heart for so long that you’ve been afraid to even speak about?

You know, the Lord provided you with very special and meaningful gifts that are yours alone.  If you don’t know what they are, it’s time for discovery.  If you do know in your heart what they are, it’s time to use them.

Read His Word in order to grow in strength and power, to understand which direction He wants you to go. Pray over all of it. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s truth to you.

It’s so important to pay attention to your soul first. Your spiritual health is of great concern to Him.  Becoming who He has ordained you to be allows you to show your real self, to be honest (warts and all!).

Layer by layer, you can strip off your past – all of it. All along this path, you are beautiful to Him.  Did you hear that?  All along the way, you have been and are beautiful to Him.

Wrap your head around that thought.  Our attempts to reach perfection are not necessary.  He loves you just as you are.