Fear Hurdles

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I remember sitting in my car right before an interview thinking, “What in the world are you doing here? They won’t like you or think you will fit in. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget this – you probably don’t have the skills they need, either!”

Fear began to overtake me and my mind seemed like it was a jumbled mess.

“How am I going to ace this interview if I feel this down in the dumps and scared?”

And then, I felt this reassurance that God would be with me, that nothing that happened in that office would harm me.  Peace washed over me like a warm, calm ocean wave.  Really, what was the worst that could happen?

Maybe I wouldn’t get the job, but it wasn’t the end of the world, right?

I felt at that moment that God had my back and no matter what happened with the interviewer, well, I’d be just fine.  After all, I did have what they needed.  If they didn’t see it, maybe it wasn’t God’s Will that I work there.

What “fear hurdle” stands in your way?

Is it fear of failing or letting others down?

What keeps you frozen?

Steven Furtick writes in his book “Crashing the Chatterbox”, “Remember…He adores you even when you don’t feel worthy He thinks you’re the best.”

What is it that you feel drawn to do?

It’s time to jump over those hurdles – the hurdle put in place by you or others.

One step…



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