Your Belief System Can Make or Break You

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Your Belief System Can Make or Break You!

What really drives what you believe about yourself?

1.  Your past.

2.  Traumatic events

3.  Family relationships

4.  Friendships

5.  Church family

6.  School

7.  Mistakes

8.  Grief

As you travel through your week, what or who do you listen to? What is it that plays on a continuous loop in your mind? Positive, negative or a combination of both?

When someone tries to break you down, what is your reaction during and after the event?  Do you stop them or do you allow it?  If you allow it…why?

What is it that forces you to stand still as others use you as a virtual or maybe very present punching bag?  When you express your dreams or goals to others, do they ridicule you?

Do you believe you deserve bad behavior or put-downs?

Whew! Lots of questions to consider, right?

When I was a young teenager, my dream was to go to California, specifically San Francisco. When I expressed this dream to family members, they laughed at the idea and said I would never get there. Honestly, I was puzzled by their reaction since we had traveled up and down the East Coast for vacations.  Nonetheless, I set a goal and eventually reached it.  Riding those cable cars was a hoot!

You see, the people who spew those ugly words at you probably have dreams of their own that were scattered, stepped on or thrown out completely.  When you express your goals or dreams and begin to achieve even small successes, it tells them that in the end, it was their fault they let their own dreams die.

Yeah, don’t expect support from this crowd.

Now, my friend, it’s time to shake off the oppression, to stomp on the lies of others and even some untruths you have told yourself.  This is your official “Start Up”!  Begin to move forward toward that wonderful dream of yours.

God has called you to a purpose with a specific plan in mind. It’s time to discover what it is.

Let the reins go and make this your “Day of Discovery”.

About Leslie Williams

Leslie Sansone Williams is a #1 International Best Selling Author, paralegal educator, graphic designer, course creator and product developer. She writes and consults on the paralegal career, publishing, social media, video & marketing in general.

Leslie has 27+ years experience in the paralegal and marketing careers. She has worked in the following areas of law: condemnation litigation, probate, estate planning, personal injury (catastrophic and medical malpractice), administrative law, franchise law, professional regulation, zoning, automobile dealership franchise law and business litigation. Leslie is the author of “Legal Break-In: How to Get That Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant or Paralegal Jobs!” (Amazon) and the creator of the very informative and career changing “Paralegal Inner Circle Class”. Get on the Wait List today – link is above!