Diana Nyad Completed Swim and Achieved Her Dream

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Diana Nyad Completed Swim and Achieved Her Dream

Diana Nyad completes swim from Florida to Cuba

Diana Nyad Completed Swim and Achieved Her Dream

We’ve all read the news today. Diana Nyad completed her long held goat of swimming from Florida to Cuba!

Along the way, she suffered defeat and doubt. She stopped seeking her goal for almost 30 years. And then she looked in the mirror and said “I’m not too old.”

Her previous swim had to be cancelled because she was stung so severely by jellyfish.

But…Diana scheduled and trained for today’s swim.

It’s amazing what we tell ourselves, isn’t it?

What keeps you from becoming what God has given you the talents to be?

Are you listening to negative voices in your head?

Do you do your homework before committing emotionally to a dream business, non-profit or career?

Success = hard work

Success = never giving up

Success = due diligence/doing your homework

Success = accountability

Success = teamwork

Success = High ethical and moral standards

Success = Being a role model

Success = Having a rock solid spiritual foundation

After completing her swim, Diana said this today:

“1. Never, ever give up.

2.  You are never too old to chase your dreams.

3.  It looked like a solitary sport but it was a team effort.”

Yes, studies show that it takes 3-5 years to build a business but that time will pass anyway, so why not get started today?

Do it!