5 Reasons to Study Your Competition

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5 Reasons to Study Your CompetitionTrash Bin

Trashing your competition is very similar to using bad language. You turn people off and it appears that you’re taking the low road

with your speech.

Keep your words clean, study your competition and know your stuff.  Customers and clients will love you for it.

Ok, so here are the 5 reasons to study your competition instead of trashing them:

1.  Confidence in your own products or services speak very clearly to your clients and it builds trust.

2.  Clients come away with a bad taste in their mouths if you speak negatively about anyone.  They perceive you as one who takes the “low road”.

3.  It’s wrong.  Period.

4.  You appear weak to your clients.

5.  Instead of trash talk, spend your time wisely by asking your client questions to figure out what they like or don’t like.  You must stay on track with your clients and continue to show them that you love to serve.  Gossip reduces the level of trust a client has with you.

So, trash the “trash talk” and take the high road!